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Please see the following services I offer:

Residential interior plastering

No plastering job is to large or to small - I have gained extensive experience over more than 20 years to get the job done on time and within budget

Bad plastering jobs will leave imperfections that will show up even after painting was done. I am a proven professional who will live up and guarantee a perfect finish on each and every job.

All plastering jobs are done with great dedication to a high standard of workmanship. From residential fixups to small commercial plastering projects.

Plasterboard stopping - walls and ceilings

I get asked from time to time what's the difference between a Stopper and an Interior Plasterer.

Anything that has new Gib board covering the walls and ceilings, whether it be a new build, renovation, or just relining a room, to get that to a standard paint finish you will need a stopper.

Remedial, Skim coating, Patching, Texturing, Cornice, Matching old to new is where you will need a interior plasterer.

I provide my clients with all these related tasks.

"Pete's attention to detail and craftsmanship is superb. His work on our home renovation was excellent. I am very happy to recommend him as an expert plasterer."

LR, North Shore Auckland

Skim coating

Skim coating is a technique used to give an even smooth finish to walls ready for paint.

Typically after wallpaper has been removed walls need to be skimmed if you want a great paint finish.

Before we skim walls and after the wallpaper has been removed, there is wall preparation that needs to happen to achieve the best results.

Once the paper has been removed you will be left with walls that have lose paper bits sticking up, these need to be removed, once this is done you may have walls with Divots, cracks in wall joins and internal corners, don't worry these can be fixed.

Next I always recommend sealing walls with an oil based Pigmented sealer, this helps the plaster key onto the walls and stops the old oxidised Gib board leaching through the plaster. The Cracks in the Joins and Internal corners will need to be taped with reinforcing joint tape to prevent cracking in the future, then the said cracks, joins and any other divots/holes get a base coat of plaster. Now we are ready for the First of the two coat skim, For the best results I recommend my two coat skim, which will give you an Even Smooth Finish ready for either flat or low sheen paint. Once the first Skim coat has been applied it needs to dry thoroughly before being sanded to remove any ridges, the second coat is applied (finish coat) once thoroughly dry its sanded and now ready for painting. I light check the walls during the sanding process to eliminate defects that can’t be seen without a light, this insures a perfect even paint surface to paint.

Things to remember when taking on this skimming process at your home, all furniture needs to be removed, floors covered and curtains removed. Skim coating is a bit messy and dusty so a clear room is essential to get the right results and for peace of mind.

Skim Coating and wall Preparation

There are 5 levels of finish:

Level 1 and 2 are for fire stop and areas that won't be seen.

Level 3 - is for embossed wall paper where the walls don't need that smooth finish that painted walls need.

Level 4 - is a standard paint finish, Ready for Low sheen of flat paint.

Level 5 - Is the same as a level 4 finish as well as a full cover over entire wall with one coat of plaster. Ideal for areas where there is critical light or if you are using semi of gloss paints.

Renovations (including repair of textured walls and ceilings)

These days Texturing is not that common any-more, but have applied various textures in the past.

Matching Texture to exactly match what is already there can be achieved but might not always be 100%. Overall all my customers have been very happy with the results to date.

Texture Removal:

Depending on the texture whether its soft or hard will determine the method of removal. One thing to remember though is that it can be messy, so removing furniture and fittings is a must.

Please be aware that most old homes with texture would have probably been textured in the days of Asbestos so testing it prior to removal is highly recommended.

"Pete Reeve has plastered all of the bathrooms renovated by Home Trends Group during the past 8 years. He has become an important part of the Home Trend's trades team because he is completely trustworthy, reliable, and provides good advice on each of our jobs. Most importantly, he always provides an excellent finish for our painter to work with, resulting in a very high quality overall result for our customers"


Coving corners is a way to make an optical merge between ceiling/floor and walls.

Different profiles and materals are used to create different effects and looks and make a big decorative difference to your rooms.

I will consult with you to select the most suitable options. Can help in sourcing and installing these and of course integrate them with the finish of the walls.

New builds

Plastering a new build depends on the floor area and can take about 7 days to complete.

Following best practices, for example new GIB board (providing it’s been installed to the right standard) will need to be fixed with reinforcing tape to prevent cracking of the join which will show on the surface over a short time. Similarly three consecutive coats of plaster are applied with enough time for the coats of plaster to dry before applying the next coat.

The majority of Projects that I have plastered over the years have rarely been straight forward. And all of them have been for independent building contractors building a single home for a client or home owners building their own home. Nearly all of them were architecturally designed, and many were more than the regular stud height. Stairwells, vaulted ceilings, raking ceilings, square stop, splayed angles of varying degrees and negative detail, height and access all take extra time which adds to the total cost of plastering the house.

Please check out some of my project photos below of jobs I've done over the last few years. I'm no photographer but hopefully it gives you an idea of what I'm capable of and the quality of completed projects.

Dear Peter

Just a quick note of thanks for the great plastering jobs that you have done for us this year.

Two bathrooms, a toilet, a master bedroom and a large lounge that previously had wallpapered walls are now looking far nicer with painted surfaces. The wallpaper had been on a long time and the walls very poor surfaces when the paper finally came off. Now all the joins have been taped and the two coats of plaster have brought them up to a fabulous standard.

I appreciate the promptness and efficiency with which you carried out each of the jobs and have been very pleased with the high quality finish in each of the rooms. I was also impressed with how little dust and mess was created during the plastering process – I expected there to be more as it is a very fine dust created during the sanding process but very few items needed to be removed from the rooms during plastering.

Thank you also for the advice in the preparation of the walls prior to plastering and once plastered in preparation for painting.



Here you will find samples of my previous work.

American Clay plastering

American Clay

Please see a couple of images of an American Clay application project.

Wall repairs

All necessary work is done to give a new look to a damaged or worn out surface and or edge.

Skim Coating Renovations

A block wall skim coating renovation project.

New Builds


Over the years I received many reviews from satisfied customers, please see for yourself:


I work on new builds and renovations, Skim coating, Texturing, as well as Bathroom renovations and remedial work.

I've been plastering for more than 20 years now, since 1995, and have come across all sorts of challenges.

Therefore I believe to be able to fix most surfaces and will make it look so smooth you can't see an uneven area once its painted.

I enjoy my job, the continuity of work, and the people I meet.

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I strive to respond within 2 business days.